Our fees

Your case will be handled by a team made up of Alexandre Boiché and one of his associates. Depending on the needs of the case, new members may be added to the team.
Fees are calculated based on time spent, as outlined in a case fee agreement signed by the lawyer and client, according to the following hourly rates (valid from 1 January to 31 December 2022)


Alexandre Boiché: €450 to €500 without VAT (€540 to €600 including VAT), according to the complexity of the case.


Chloé Gossart: €280 without VAT (€336 including VAT)
Bérénice Dufau-Richet: €250 without VAT (€300 including VAT)
Hugues Gaston: €250 without VAT (€300 including VAT)
Alexandra BECHEIKH: €220 without VAT (€264 including VAT)

These fees do not cover advances or court costs. They also do not include costs and fees of outside counsel or contributors.
In certain types of cases, the hourly rates mentioned above may be discussed between the lawyer and client and a contingency fee may be considered.
Likewise, the Alexandre Boiché firm may sometimes agree with the client on a flat fee.

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