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The Alexandre Boiché firm specializes in international and French family law

The firm advises clients on all aspects of family law, from establishing parentage (biological or adoptive) and parental authority to inheritance law, and from marriage and drafting marriage contracts to divorce and liquidation of matrimonial property regimes.

In addition to our skill with international and domestic law, we have renowned expertise in international matters specifically: international marriage contracts or prenuptial agreements, international child abductions, and recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments.

By handling an entire matter from start to finish, we can better take into account all the legal and human dimensions, and go beyond litigation, which can be extremely intense and burdensome.

For this reason, the firm assists its clients during major life-changing events such as birth, marriage, making a purchase, moving abroad, and estate planning.

Furthermore, although divorce or legal separation represent the start of a different kind of relationship for a couple with a child, the spouses or partners experience it as a loss which they need to grieve. But out of this work, a new relationship is born in which the children are at the center. The parent-child relationship survives the end of the couple’s relationship.

One of a lawyer’s most important jobs in family law is to help the client plan for this new relationship and write the next chapter in it.

With this in mind, negotiated solutions are highly preferable. For this reason, the members of the firm are trained in negotiation, mediation and collaborative processes.

When laying out their strategy, they always take this next chapter of their clients’ lives into consideration.

However, this type of solution is not always possible and, sometimes, a conflict can only be resolved through litigation. The members of the firm are just as experienced in litigation as they are in negotiation.

The firm has access to an extensive international network, which enables it to meet its clients needs quickly. Likewise, the firm has also developed a strong network of specialists in France who specialize not only in the legal field but also in psychological counseling.

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