Bérénice Dufau-Richet

Lawyer at the Bar of Paris

Bérénice Dufau-Richet has been an associate with the Alexandre Boiché firm since December 2018.

During her professional training for admission to the bar at the Ecole du Barreau (EFB), she completed a 6-month internship at a family law firm in Chicago. She also completed a second 6-month internship in an international family law firm in Paris. She then began working as an associate at a firm that specialized in family and estate law. She is also trained in collaborative law.

She assists French and international clients with all issues related to family law, whether or not they involve an international aspect.


  • Postgraduate level qualification needed to practice law (CAPA)


  • Master’s degree in Comparative European Business Law, Université Paris II Panthéon Assas, Research Fellow at Harvard Law School


  • Master’s degree in Comparative Family Law, Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint Denis


  • One-year Master’s program in General Private Law, Université Paris II Panthéon Assas
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